Official Website Launch – Personal Note from CEO

If you haven’t already, I highly suggest that you read about the idea behind my website here and my full biography here.

With that being said, it is with great pleasure that I am announcing the official launch of the “My Goal Physique” website.

A picture of myself at Calpe beach, Spain, 2020

My Goal Physique is a UK-based website based in Leicestershire, East Midlands, England. This website is the result of countless weeks and continued restless nights that were spent in order to achieve a level of quality content that I can confirm to be sufficiently satisfied with. However, this is just the beginning, and you can expect a lot more to come…

The mission:

Unlike in most “popular” websites, here you can expect to find real, quality content that does not involve marketing lies to push you into buying any product. In fact, the resources on the website are completely free and the products that you will find on the store will be cheaper than on websites such as Amazon or Ebay. This is because this website was not really designed with the intent to profit but rather, to help as many people as possible to have better access to fitness knowledge and fitness products. In here, you can expect to find real, unbiased information about weightlifting and bodybuilding training & nutrition. I do not, and I will not lie to you with the information that I provide you with. Even if the information may sometimes not be what you were really expecting and hard to swallow, it will be the truth.

Overall, the whole focus of this website is to help anyone interested in wanting to become more fit, lose fat or build muscle to achieve the look and health that they always wanted to. For that reason, this website is not designed towards really advanced fitness individuals or people that want to look like a professional bodybuilder. Rather, this website is aimed to help people wanting to achieve a realistically attainable “fit” look. Nonetheless, you will definitely be able to get shredded or pack on some serious muscle mass through the advice that I will provide you with, but just don’t expect to be the next Mr Olympia.

The specific focus of this website is mainly based on flexibility, and by this I mean:

  • Workout flexibility – Home routines, quick routines for the busy person, bodyweight workouts, specific workouts and more.
  • Diet flexibility – Achieving your goal physique while still being able to eat and enjoy your favourite foods

You shouldn’t need to spend a lot of money or time to achieve your goal physique. In fact, you can perfectly get in the best shape of your life with just home workouts and a good diet alone. I don’t just talk from studies or books that I have read but also from my own experience, because I did just exactly that with a single, 20kg dumbbell in the past…among many other experiments that I can now pass the results of on to you.

Looking back at the start of my fitness journey when I was just 13 years old, I see a lot of mistakes that I’ve made, learned from and will now share with you so that you do not waste time in getting into the best shape of your life. You see…not wasting time is critical in bodybuilding as when you are constantly making mistakes, it can take months to notice small changes and years to see bigger ones. Through my previous failures when I was younger and through constantly watching how many of my newest, “confident” clients were making the same types of mistake that I used to do when I was younger, I have learned how to quickly spot, stop and correct the mistakes that I see most of my clients make very early on.

This is because I am extremely passionate about helping anyone and everyone achieve their goal physiques. Because I was just like you in the past.

Here’s a little story…

I had done boxing and general fitness from 13-15 years old. Then, when I had just started my weight lifting journey at 15 years old, the first thing I did is what most people do…I searched for “bodybuilding routine” on Google and clicked on the first result. Certainly, I had landed on one of the most popular bodybuilding websites and through its creative interface, I clicked on “find a programme”.

After completing what seemed a general yet nicely done question-styled survey consisting of basic questions such as “How long have you been lifting for?” and “Do you want to gain or lose weight?”, the website recommended me a fancy-named beginner’s program, which funnily enough, you now have to pay to access it (feel free to ask me the name of the program through private message).

The program, though general (as it should be expected), had everything that you could ask for. It had a full 12 week routine to follow with the workouts changing every next week, information on how to do every exercise was shown and you had a full diet attached to the program with every specific meal that you would need to have each day and the food quantities per meal. It just seemed great, I even thought to myself “Wow, I just need to follow this routine and in 12 weeks I will have some gained serious muscle!” – Mind you, at 6’0 and 140lbs, I was literally a walking stick back then.

I was finally going to be able to walk outside during windy days without being flown away

The next day I went with my dad to do the full grocery shopping of the foods highlighted by my diet plan, which was A LOT of food per each day and I thought it was great, as a 140lbs skinny hard-gainer, I would finally be able to increase my weight! Walking with the program open on my phone, I was so excited to begin my journey, looking at the fitness model shown on the program and thinking that soon, I would be on my way to looking muscular.

STOP! I know that you might be thinking that my experience is sounding great so far, and it indeed was for me too back then. However, that was the beginning of everything that is wrong with popular fitness websites, let me explain…

The program that I did back then, which I followed to the T (followed exactly every single thing that I was told to), possessed some major flaws and even though that should, to some degree, be expected from “general” programs, by trying too hard to look good, the program gave too much poor information.

So what were the flaws?

First, the program’s intensity and frequency was just way, way to high for a beginner, with up to 8 exercises of 4-5 sets and 10-12 repetitions each, 5 times a week. This is just way too much for most people (and especially skinny ones) that are just getting into weightlifting. I was not feeling sore, I was feeling completely destroyed and overtrained after day of the week. But since I was a beginner, I thought that such feeling was normal and that I just had to push through. But what I was going through, feeling and experiencing were clear symptoms of overtraining, which ironically enough puts the body under a state of catabolism (promotion of muscle loss).

But that was just the workout part of the program…

The diet that I was told to follow was way worse. Why? Well, the diet meal plan consisted of me eating around 3,500 calories per day and that was putting me at a weight gain of over 2.5lbs per week.

What happened?

Well, anything that you would expect from gaining over 2lbs per week…massive gains…of fat…and of course, some muscle.

You see, there’s a limit to how much muscle you can pack per week, and at a weight gain of anything over 1.5lbs per week, the ratio of fat:muscle gain switches from gaining a bit of muscle and a bit of fat to increasingly more fat than muscle. Now couple that with a terrible workout that was causing me to overtrain and you have the perfect recipe to become skinny-fat / fat with a bit of muscle.

A bit far from my “ideal” beach body

And as you can see, that’s exactly what happened. I had clearly made some gains…as you would expect from any diet that puts you on a surplus of calories. The main difference is that I would have suffered less (no overtraining and less of stuffing my face with food) and achieved exactly the same amount of muscle gain if I had followed a more appropriate routine and less caloric diet. Instead, I was left with some muscle covered by a thick layer of fat.

That ended up being quite a lengthy story but that is just one out of hundreds of examples of lessons that I have learned throughout the years. Going back to the purpose of this website, my mission is to be able to help you avoid mistakes such as these, and many others through my advice.

Bodybuilding is just like any other hobby or career, the more time and effort that you put in it, the more you will be rewarded. Very often in most hobbies and careers, many people mistakenly believe that they know what they are doing, when in reality, they are doing everything completely wrong. I see this every time I think of me when I was 15 years old, re-imagining stories such as the one I told you earlier. I also see this in many, if not most of my clients and I wished I could have had that kind of support when I was younger. I am not telling you to take online coaching with me, just reading the resources and information written on my website should be enough to get you to achieve your goals in the most enjoyable manner and shortest time possible. Most people nowadays want everything faster, this is especially noticeable within bodybuilding and that’s why I am here. To give you a shortcut to achieving your goal physique through my website.

Whatever your goal is, I will make it happen, not for you but with you. So please, do not hesitate to contact me or connect with me on Instagram and Facebook.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy, learn and have fun while exploring my website.

– Pablo Garcia


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