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How are the coaching plans designed?

We completely design and tailor-make from scratch each plan for each client by taking into consideration their specific goals, body type, lifting experience, habits, availability, and more. Not only they are fully personalised but the plans also offer considerable support along your journey, so that you are never left alone and can always count on us.

What’s the process?

Once you purchase any of the available plans, you will receive an email within 24h with further information. The process after purchasing one of the plans is as followed:

  • Receive an email within 24h containing your coach’s contact information, a download link to our coaching app (if included in your purchased plan) and finally, a survey that you will have to complete and send back to us in order for us to begin the design of your custom plan.
  • After sending the survey back, you should receive a further email within 7 days. This is the time that it takes us to develop and personalise a plan for you. The email will contain your specific workout plan along with your diet plan (if included in your purchased plan) along with further information related to you, your goals and our plan.
  • Please note: The information given will vary depending on the plan that you chose. For example, with the gold plan, you will be able to select which days and times would be the best for you to have your online video-call meetings with your coach.
  • Depending on the selected plan, you will also be contacted (text/call) for a final review of your plan.
  • Before the agreed start day of your plan and if included as part of such, your personalised workout routine will be uploaded to the mobile coaching app for you to see and track.
  • You will begin your plan and will be continuously supported along the way through regular weekly contact.

What results will I see and when will I see them?


If you follow your plan accordingly, you should expect to see noticeable results within 1 month or less. Of course, this is assuming that you actually do follow the plan.


Think of where you are now and how you are currently feeling, not just physically, but overall regarding your life. Now try to imagine where you would be if you had achieved the goal that you have in mind and how you would be feeling.

Now try to triple that feeling, and that’s how you will be likely to feel after a few weeks of following our plans. It is one thing to imagine how achieving something feels like, and it is other thing to actually live it. And we are sure that you know and have experienced something similar in the past.

So let us ask you… Don’t you want to feel like that again? And if you haven’t experienced such feeling before… Wouldn’t you want to know how it feels like?

What makes your plans so different from others?

With more than 15 years of experience, the plans designed by our personal trainers are fully made from scratch for each person and delivered to the highest standard. But of course, that is not our main differentiation.

What truly makes our plans special is the extreme amount of care and support that our trainers offer to each client. They will not just give you your custom plan and then proceed to barely care about you. They know from first hand experience how challenging the process of both losing and gaining weight can be. They also know that it is even harder when your particular life circumstances are not the best. And they understand that it is extremely hard to trust someone with something that’s so important to you.

This is why our personal coaches will not sit back and just watch progress through your journey. Instead, they will go alongside you through it. If there is anything that you want to tell them during your journey, they will always be there to listen. And if it’s related to the fitness plan, your trainer will provide all the adjustments or advice that you need. Essentially, they will ensure that you succeed.

Can the plan features be modified? What if I want a specific feature within my plan?

We usually do not add features from higher tier plans into lower tiers ones. However, exceptions can always be made cases and you will be charged an extra fee for such. If you have a specific request such as for example, wanting to have mobile coaching app integration within your bronze plan, please contact us specifying your request.

How can your plans be so accessible yet fully personalised and made from scratch every time?

One of the main core values at My Goal Physique is “accessibility”. This means that we put significant value and focus on delivering the best quality and experience possible. And we do this at the lowest possible cost as to reach and allow people from all backgrounds to have access to real, high quality, custom fitness plans.

You can read more about the website’s core values, mission statement and vision for the future here.

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