Why Online Coaching? Why With Us?

Article by Pablo Garcia


If you are reading this, then I must congratulate you! By coming here, you have come one step closer towards improving yourself, your body and your mind as well as achieving your fitness goals.

I say this because most beginners to bodybuilding, and even a lot of intermediate lifters very often strongly believe that they know enough about the sport and do not need any support. However, most, if not all of them are just simply not aware of what they do not know, so they believe that they know enough.

I have personally witnessed these kinds of comments very regularly and they couldn’t be more far from the truth. If I compare my knowledge on fitness when I first started bodybuilding at around 14 years old, against my knowledge 2 years later, the difference is that MASSIVE. Jump two more years, and the difference is even bigger, 8 more years and…you get the point. Bodybuilding is simple on its surface, but diving into it and reaching its bottom is a journey that takes many, many years. You could certainly relate this to any other specific hobby or skill that took you years to master.

Why choose me as your online personal fitness coach?

Online coaching is not for everyone, it is a passion
Your online coach should always be looking out for you, he should always be there for you and should always help you with the same amount of care and passion that he uses for himself.

What you should know

Being an online coach is certainly not for everyone. Online coaching is a passion and as such, your coach should always be supporting and helping you with the same amount of passion, attention to detail and care that he uses for his own training. Your coach should see your goals as his goals and never leave you in the dark… And by ensuring that he goes alongside you in your journey. Of course, he shouldn’t do everything for you. But he should be someone that you can always rely on and trust. Your coach should always have your back regardless of the goals that you have set or issues that you face. Also, very importantly, a personal trainer should practice what he preaches, and should never advice you to do something that they haven’t done or wouldn’t do themselves.

Making the difference

This is the difference between the coaching that I offer here versus any other online coaching service. Here, it is not just the extreme amount of detail, care, passion and determination that goes into the making of your custom fitness plan. It is not the extremely low prices that I offer…

It is the after, the follow-up after you have purchased and received your custom plan. It’s the constant support… Support that you will keep receiving and level of customisation that you will see. That’s what will really make the difference in your results.

You see, some online coaching services may offer a good plan, but after you purchase them, that’s usually it. You do not really get much personalised support after. Or if you do, it consists of one text, one email or one call per week… And it’s done with coaches that pretend (really well I must say) to care about you. But in reality, they don’t.

Similarly, some online coaching services may offer good support. However, the actual advice given is not really personalised. It is simply too inefficient (unprofitable) for most of these large businesses to give real in-depth personalised and detailed advice to each client. Similarly, smaller online fitness coaches that do have the time available (and are actually good) will often price such plans extremely high (upwards of $200 per month). Yet, even them will often provide good support but fall back to standard, pre-made plans as to cut time and increase profit.

With this in mind, here, not only the plans offered are completely designed and written from scratch… Every time and for each client. Not only do my plans take into account your specific body, life, diet preferences, goals, and so on. But the support given is just incomparable for the price at which it is offered. Even in the most basic of the plans offered here, you will always be fully supported. Whenever needed and with as much detail as needed. There will not be a moment that you will not be on track to achieving your goal physique.


This website and the idea behind it were designed by just one thing behind them: Passion.

Passion is what most online coaches lack but pretend to have. Real passion is what makes an online coach want to help you as much as he would want to help someone from his own family. It also what would make an online coach to not really care much about putting as much effort as needed. Because if you were helping a family member, the first thing in your mind would be to do your best to help them. And the last thing that would be on your mind would be not caring.

That’s why the plans here possess so much quality, detail and effort put into them.

Of course, and being openly honest, at the end of the day, this website remains a business. As such, maintaining, developing, and adding content to it does certainly cost a bit of money. However, the prices of the coaching plans offered are not planned to increase for now. Instead, if you would like to contribute further to this website and its idea, you can support it by just purchasing something from the store. This is simply because it would make me more happy to see you take a product with you rather than just tipping away extra money. It would also just make me feel better knowing that I helped you even further through one of my products.


Going back to the main issues that I often see in beginners…


The main issue in most beginners is that they will not realise how wrong they were until it’s too late. This is important because in bodybuilding there is a term that’s scientifically known as “body recomposition”… Which is a term that’s also referred by most of the bodybuilding industry as “Newbie Gains”. Essentially, when you first begin weight lifting, you have the potential to achieve significant muscle gains within your first few months (up to 2-3lbs of muscle/month). These gains will then begin to decrease considerably on a per month basis. Down to 1-2lbs of muscle per month as an intermediate lifter. And further down to 0.5lbs or less of muscle gain per month as an advanced lifter.

Going back to what I was saying, this is important because… By the time that a lot of these beginners that ignore seeking proper advice and support end up realising their mistakes, they will already possess a few years of experience. Therefore, they would be “intermediate” lifters (even if their knowledge does not reflect such). As a result, any corrections that these now “intermediate” lifters implement would only give them slightly better results. However, if they had actually sought proper bodybuilding guidance when they were beginners, they could have achieved considerably much, much better results in a much faster time. But now, achieving the physique that they could have achieved in 1 year by following an effective workout and diet plan will instead take them at least twice as long. What I usually see that happens is that these kind of people keep going to the gym for 1-2 years. They do not really change much, if at all. And then, well, I just don’t see them coming anymore…


Well, gym supplements, which I have shown to be completely unnecessary, do cost quite a bit less than the average online coaching plan… Which often costs around $250-500 per month. However, if you read that article, you will realise that a “lower than industry average” monthly plan is $179. Compared to these averages, my coaching plans are lower than the below industry average price yet they provides the same, if not more quality when compared to such.

All of this is without comparing online coaching to physical face-to-face private coaching sessions… Which a quick google search will show you that they go for around $20-$50 per hour.


If you are looking to really improve not only your body but also yourself in general, then yes. My online coaching will provide you with all the tools and support that you need. It will ensure that you achieve the best results possible. And it will also do so in the shortest amount of time possible… Saving you months and sometimes years when compared to what embarking on this journey alone would cost you.

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