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Concept & Development

My Goal Physique is a UK-based fitness, health & nutrition e-commerce and services website that offers:

  • Online Shopping at affordable prices for quality products
  • Online coaching services with fully personalised fitness and diet plans
  • Free resources & weekly articles

My Goal Physique fully devotes itself to supporting its readers and customers to enjoy the pleasures of shopping while also helping them achieve their fitness and health goals through its personal training services.

Our goal is to provide quality and affordable products along with health, fitness & nutrition information that’s accessible to everyone. Our aim consists in ensuring that you have the best possible experience. A experience that will make you want to come back and use our services again and again.

Mission & Vision

My Goal Physique is not just designed to provide you with just a product or service. Instead, the aim is to help you and go alongside you through your shopping or body transformation journey. We want our customers to always have access to the latest, best products and services and we constantly strive to achieve such.

Our main priorities consist on focusing on providing a high quality of service and ensuring excellent customer satisfaction. We will not rest until our services have improved to the standard and goals that we have set to achieve. These standards include anything and everything that we could do to improve the shopping experience of our customers.

Our current aim for the short-term is firmly set on improving areas within our operations such as shipping & delivery speeds as well as product sourcing. In relevance to our long-term goals, we are focused on improving our brand visibility, internationalisation and automation. Nonetheless, we intend to advance towards these goals slowly yet surely as to avoid making any mistakes that could damage our current customer base.

Such as we are aware of our weaknesses, we are also aware of each one of our customers, whom we can only massively thank for having chosen us. Your support and understanding for the My Goal Physique brand is something that truly makes us proud. Whether you are reading this as one of our customers, are new to our brand, or simply passing by, we just want to say that you are what motivates us to look ahead and strive to do better each new day…thank you.


The measures of success for our website consist of two aspects integrated within such; its store and its online coaching services:

  • Store: Store performance and sales are one our primary KPI’s and it is what will allow our brand to grow and further improve our quality of service.
  • Online Coaching Services: The number of customers for the online coaching services is also a key KPI that has the potential to positively affect the future of the website. However, due to our highly competitive prices, we have a set limit on the maximum current customers that can be coached at one point in time. This is simply because having too many customers would require significant adjustments to our operations, which just wouldn’t happen or be possible to achieve overnight. As such, every time that the online coaching client limit capacity is reached, a note will be displayed on the website as to highlight this. If such were to happen, a sign inviting you to join a free waiting list will show up.

Core Values

Honesty: Honesty is our core aspect within our brand. In fact, the general lack of honesty within the fitness industry is what led to the concept and development of this website. At My Goal Physique, we strongly believe that having the trust of customers is a privilege, and not something that should be expected. To take for granted such privilege, and break it, would be against our brand’s reason to exist.

Communication: In reality, customers are the ones who choose us, and not us choosing them. As such, My Goal Physique is set to always do its best as to communicate with all of its customers. In addition, we will always ensure that honesty, speed and quality are present when communicating with our customers.

Accessibility: My Goal Physique was developed with the goal of supporting as many people as possible regardless of their circumstances or backgrounds. Albeit we exist as a for-profit business, our resources and articles are, and always will, stay accessible to everyone. We believe that no one needing help should find themselves unable to get the support they need.

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