18-30 Years Old

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If you haven’t already done it, I highly recommend that before you continue reading this page, you first check out my article on “A Beginners Guide to Bodybuilding“.

The 18-30 years old age range

There’s a reason to why nearly all of the most extreme physical and mentally demanding sport athletes such as F1 Drivers and American Football players are 18-30 years old.

At this age your body is working at its peak performance. Even if your current physique and fitness level are not being reflective of such yet, you have the potential within you to achieve some amazing feats a lot more easily than others. At this age, your body and mind can be taken to their maximum level. For example, brain processing power peaks at age 18, strength peaks at age 25 and bone mass density peaks at age 30.

Therefore, the routine within this article has been specifically developed in accordance with your age and although it will intensive, it will not leave you overtrained like most mainstream websites’ routines. You can read my own personal experience with one of them back when I had just started bodybuilding when I was 14 years old here.

With that out of the way and since these program series have been designed to go straight to the point, let’s do just that.

Beginner’s Straight-to-the-Point Workout Routine (18-30 Years Old)


ExerciseSets+RepsTarget MusclesNotes
Dumbbell Fly/Standing Cable Fly 3×10Direct: Chest
Indirect: Arms, Triceps, Shoulders
Great warm-up exercise
Bench Press3×5 Direct: Chest
Indirect: Triceps, Shoulders
Go heavy but not crazy
Dumbbell Fly/Standing Incline Cable Fly3×10-12Direct: Chest
Indirect: Arms, Triceps, Shoulders
Amazing exercise for quickly developing muscle memory
Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise3×10-12Direct: Shoulders
Indirect: Arms
Tricep Bar Pushdown3×10-12Direct: TricepsEasier on elbow joints when compared to rope pushdowns
Standing Tricep Overhead Extension3×10-12Direct: TricepsCareful with form
Dumbbell/Barbell/Weight Plate Shrugs3×10-12Direct: Traps
Indirect: Back
Focus on holding the stretch, don’t let go off the tension


ExerciseSets+RepsTarget MusclesNotes
Pull-ups3×10-12Direct: Back
Indirect: Arms
Dumbbell/Barbell Row3×10-12Direct: Back
Indirect: Arms, Shoulders
Careful with form
Seated Back Row3×6-8 Direct: Back
Indirect: Arms
Go heavy but not crazy
Standing/Seated Dumbbell Back Fly3×10Direct: Back
Indirect: Shoulders
Be sure that form is correct and that you are hitting the back muscles, rather than shoulders
Face-pulls3×12 Direct: Rear Deltoids
Indirect: Back
Definitely do not go
heavy on these. Focus on perfect form instead.
Dumbbell Hammer Curls3×10-12Direct: Biceps
Indirect: Forearms
Great exercise for building up your forearms
Incline Bench Single Arm Preacher Curls3×10-12Direct: Biceps
Indirect: Forearms
Great when compared to other bicep exercises as it avoids putting pressure on the elbow joint.


ExerciseSets+RepsTarget MusclesNotes
Leg Extensions3×10-12Direct: Quads
Leg Curl3×10-12Direct: Hamstrings
Indirect: Calfs
Leg Press3×6-10Direct: Glutes
Indirect: Overall Legs
Go heavy but not too crazy
Squats3×8-10Direct: Glutes, Hamstrings, QuadsYou should be pretty tired at this point so try to go a bit heavy but within reason
Dumbbell/Weight Plate Standing Calf Rises3×12Direct: CalfsSlow motion and focus on holding the stretch at the top

Thursday – (optional but recommended)

Hanging Leg Raise (switching to hanging knee raise if too difficult)3×15
Ab Crunch (if machine available) or Normal Ab Crunch3×10-15
Leg Raises3×10-15
Plank (aim for a 30 seconds hold)3


ExerciseSets+RepsTarget MusclesNotes
Squats3×10-12Direct: Quads
Bench Press3×10-12Direct: Chest
Indirect: Arms, Shoulders
Barbell Shoulders Press3×8Direct: Shoulders
Indirect: Arms, Back, Traps

Careful with form
Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise3×10Direct: Shoulders
Indirect: Arms
Shrugs3×8-10Direct: Traps
Indirect: Back

Saturday – Rest Day

Sunday – Rest Day

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