Straightforward Routines

Most people nowadays focus too much on small details and too little on actually getting things done…

“What workouts are the best for my body type? What foods should I eat? How often should I eat? How much protein should I eat per day? What are the best supplements to take?”…are some of the most common questions that I get asked on a regular basis.

Yet, what most of these individuals (that come from all levels of weightlifting experience) forget, are the very basics of lifting and dieting.

But I watch videos and read about fitness because I want to take the most optimal approach!

People love reading studies and information about how to achieve their goal physiques and indeed, there are plenty of studies around. Such as this one, which suggests keeping protein intake at around 0.4-0.5 g/Kg (or 0.2 g/Lb) per meal (at 3-6 meals per day).

However, this does not mean that you need to eat 3-6 meals a day. For example: If you were 180lbs, you could eat (0.2gx180lbsx3 meals) 108g of protein in 1 meal and you would have met your protein requirements for the day…but that’s not the point. There are many more examples and counter arguments regarding studies such as the one mentioned earlier but the main point is that weightlifting can be as complex as one wants it to be.

What are the basics then and what are you trying to tell me?

Well…although wanting to always know every fitness detail that you can add to your lifestyle is a good way of thinking…the very, most basic guidelines for fat loss/muscle gain that will never fail to work are much more simple:

  • Follow a diet that is high in protein.
  • For fat loss: Ensure that you are eating at below your maintenance calories. That is, eating less calories than what you spend in a day.
  • For muscle gain: Ensure that you are eating at above your maintenance calories.

Now, if you are wondering about things such as; how to calculate your maintenance calories, how much of a calorie deficit/surplus you should aim for, how much daily protein you should really aim for and more, I highly suggest you read my other article on the basics of nutrition, which can be found here.

How is all of this relevant to your “Straightforward Routines”?

The routines that I developed for this program are designed to be relatively general yet highly effective for fat loss/muscle gain success. The workouts provided by these routines ensure that every area of your body is targeted equally and for 99.9% of you, these routines WILL work.

I should remind you though, that neither these or any other routine in the world will work unless you follow an appropriate diet that’s based on your fitness goals.

With that said, what are you waiting for?

It’s time to make the change that you always wanted to!

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