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Calpe, Spain 2020

Hello there, my name is Pablo! Having been born in Argentina, I left my country when I was 14 years old to go to Middle East. I then stayed in Middle East until I finished high school there and moved to the United Kingdom at 18.

My fitness journey started when I was young as I began practising boxing when I was 13 years old. However, that only lasted for a year, at which point, due to family reasons, I went on to live in Middle East.

After a year without boxing, I suddenly had the idea to start weightlifting. Ever since I was little, I was always interested in looking like the superheroes in most action movies. I was also always naturally skinny but that changed when I began weightlifting at around 14 years old. In reality, I just wanted to change myself and put on a bit of muscle, nothing too extreme. Just anything to just stop looking like complete bones, as it just didn’t feel right nor healthy…I was 6’0 and 130-140lbs.

And so my bodybuilding journey began...

I started from scratch and had done the research all by myself… And by that I mean: I had absolutely no idea what to do. So I did what most people (of any age I should say) would have done… I searched for a bodybuilding website, downloaded one of its beginner programs and followed it by the dot. That was an experience which I discuss in a lot more depth and highly suggest that you read here.

Even though my first bulk was clearly successful, I should have certainly done better research. This is because I now know that I could have achieved the same or even better results. Indeed, I could have done much better during my first months and years of training through just a few changes. However, these mistakes are what most people that are new to weightlifting make… And it takes a looooong time to become self-aware of it.

In fact, it took me around 2 years to notice and accept that I didn’t know as much as I would like to know about fitness. Within those 2 years, I started to seriously put a considerable amount of effort into learning everything related to health, fitness and nutrition. I did this until I developed a solid understanding of the sport. After that, it took me a further 4 years to fully understand nearly everything related to fitness and bodybuilding. Which I did until I began to effortlessly being able to exploit such areas to my benefit. I should also note to you that… Throughout that timespan, I read and tried by myself every fitness related advice that exists or that you could think of.

I failed, failed and kept failing, making mistakes and learning from them. Until I reached what you could call a considerably very high level of understanding of health, bodybuilding, nutrition and fitness. However, unlike many other online fitness coaches, I will not claim that I know everything. Because NO ONE knows or can know everything. Humans are not perfect, and if we were, the world would be looking quite different from the one we currently live in… Don’t you think? Nonetheless, if I were to put in a fraction of the hours that I have put on learning about fitness… Just with one fraction of that time I could have very easily learned and achieved so many others things, so…

Do I regret it?


You see, bodybuilding changed my life. Because to me, everything about it revolves around setting a specific goal or series of goals, and achieving them. I began to lift weights for the same motivation and reasons that most teens at my age back then do. I think you can already guess what the reason was…

However, my motivation ended shifting, from trying to look good, to setting new goals. The routine and discipline that bodybuilding gave me changed me completely. From being a lazy and doubtful person that didn’t care about what to do with his life… To the complete opposite. Bodybuilding made me confident, determined, disciplined, focused and motivated. It allowed me to welcome any challenges, overcome them and achieve whatever goals I would set.

At school, my grades started to improve considerably. At University, I obtained a first class degree for my undergraduate course and a distinction for my Masters. I did this while doing things like working over 20 hours per week and hitting the gym 5 days per week… Even during finals week. That’s one example of many but the point is: I did things like that, not because I had to, but because I wanted to. Even to this day I still always strive to be the best version of myself.

You are sounding a bit too confident, don’t you think?

I’m not saying this to brag about it. Because I know that there is always someone better than me and that’s putting even more effort than me. But that’s exactly where bodybuilding comes into place! Because it is not about you being better than other people. It is about you becoming the very best version that you could possibly be of yourself. Bodybuilding makes you critic yourself in a constructive, rather than destructive way. It does not give you a goal, it gives you goals…as many as you want to!

And it is for that, that I will never regret choosing bodybuilding as my passion. Since I began my fitness journey, I had never once stopped setting goals and further developing myself. It changed me from having the overall life drive of a moppet, to a rocket.

You see, bodybuilding is a passion, but it is also a lifestyle, and a life commitment. It changes your mentality completely for the better and it improves on every single aspect and area of your life.

Whether your goal consists to just cut for the summer, gain a bit of muscle, or do a full lifestyle change, the most important factor is that you have already set a goal. And as long as you keep doing that, you will find out how that the more you do it… The better you will feel… The better your life gets… The more happy you will be. Regardless of your goals, I will always be here to support you. If you need me, I can and I will go alongside you and your journey.

The Future

My plan for the future is to continue supporting people in achieving their fitness goals. I just believe see that there are so many people nowadays going to the gym, paying for a personal trainer, and still not achieving the looks or health that they want… Even one year later. In turn, that shows me that there is certainly a lot of room for me to get involved and assist such people. Similarly, whether it’s through the online coaching services or free website fitness articles, I hope that I can assist you too.

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