My Goal Physique is a UK-based fitness, health, nutrition and fitness accessories online retailer that also offers online coaching services.

Created in 2020, My Goal Physique fully devotes itself to supporting its readers and customers to achieve their fitness and health goals, regardless of the challenges.

It does not matter what age you are, how much free time you have available or how difficult you think achieving your goal physique might be. We all start somewhere, for everything, but the key point is that you must never give up on your goals no matter what others say to you. This is where this website comes into place, to help you achieve anything and everything related to your particular fitness goals in a healthy and effective manner.

Concept & Development

Over the last decades, the fitness industry has become increasingly more popular. Nowadays, fitness has become a stapled industry within society. Everyone wants to become more fit, gain muscle and look good. Everyone is obsessed with looking a certain way, have the best looking car, the best clothes and also the best looks. Certainly, many people now do all kinds of (sometimes just plain silly) things to their bodies just to look a bit better in the eyes of society.

Botox injections, glute transplants, facelifts…you name it…People will do anything to look a certain way. Just take a quick look at Justin Jedlica and you will understand what I am trying to say. He has gone OVER 550 surgical procedures and thousands of dollars just to achieve the look that he wanted.


Most people seem to have forgotten about one key thing, which also turns out to be the very essence of fitness…


You see, we have went from Health & Fitness to Fitness & Health. Moreover, since people now want fast shortcuts to achieve a certain look, this has pushed most mainstream fitness companies and fitness coaches to switch their approach to their clients from one that prioritises health to one that prioritises fast results.

Throughout the years, I have noticed, and personally witnessed, a significant decline in the quality of information that websites, fitness instructors and companies are giving out to their customers just to trick them into buying supplements and diet plans that are literally useless.

Or giving advice that isn’t aimed towards helping the consumer achieve his or her goals but to push them towards requiring constant advice (= more dependency = money for the companies/instructors). However, this couldn’t be more far from the truth as one can very easily diet down or up in a fast and efficient manner, with the same results and within a similar timespan.

Now, you might be asking yourself, if both healthy and unhealthy approaches work at the same speeds, why didn’t these companies stick to promoting the healthy approach?

Because it is not the companies that dictate the approach, but their consumers.

This doesn’t mean that good, trustworthy resources and honest brands exist out there, because they do, but the industry has become so cloudy that you have to dig deep to find them.

And this is what led to the development and creation of My Goal Physique’s concept, which is to provide quality health, fitness & nutrition information that’s accessible to everyone. The aim consists in ensuring that you achieve the results that you have always dreamed of, not only through an approach that is way more healthy but also just as fast to get results with.


To be more specific, My Goal Physique is not actually designed to help you achieve your goals, but to help yourself and go alongside you through your body transformation journey. Through the resources, information and coaching offered on this site, the goal is not to eternally make you dependent on the website. Instead, the mission of My Goal Physique is to stop you from needing to rely on its information and to eventually be able to independently plan, and achieve, all of your future fitness goals.


My Goal Physique doesn’t intentionally aim to become the best fitness and most profitable website. Even though achieving such things would honestly be quite nice, My Goal Physique doesn’t intent to lie to you, push you into buying its products or paying for its coaching service (which is free).

What this website really intents to achieve is to help as many people as possible to reach the physique and health of their dreams. To help extend your life as long as possible and to help you enjoy it in a body that not only looks good but also feels good.


The measures of success for this website consist of two aspects integrated within such; its “Fitbit” store and its online coaching services:

  • Store: The better the store performs, the more resources will be put into increasing the quality of the website.
  • Online Coaching Services: The number of customers for the online coaching services will also be a clear indicator of progress that will have the potential to positively affect the future of the website. Though designed to be free, the online coaching services has a limit of current free customer. This is simply because only the website founder carries out all the coaching and having too many customers would require considerable real life time sacrifices. Every time the limit capacity is reached, charging a fee becomes a useful way to justify for such time sacrifices, as it will allow further website development.

Core Values

Honesty: This is the most vital aspect within My Goal Physique. What of honesty within the fitness industry is what led to the concept and development of this website. Having the trust of customers is a privilege, and not something that should be expected. To take for granted such privilege, and break it, would be against this website’s reason to exist.

Communication: Having the trust of customers is a privilege as customers are the ones who choose us, and not us choosing them. As such, My Goal Physique is set to never let any of its customers down as well as to always ensure honesty, speed and quality are present when communicating with them.

Accessibility: My Goal Physique was developed with the goal of supporting anyone and everyone regardless of their background. As such, My Goal Physique’s services remain to always be accessible to everyone, regardless of their income.

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